Video Transcript - Dr. Alain Beaudet introducing the discussion document and the consultation process

I am pleased to announce today the release of our consultation document on the proposed reform through our open suite of programs and peer-review processes.

Over the past few months, I have had the opportunity to meet with many of you and to discuss these plans in their early phase. Your feedback was extraordinarily helpful in helping us craft the document that you have in hand today.

This document describes, in as much detail as we could afford at the present time, what the reforms will be, why we're carrying out these reforms and how we intend to proceed during the transition phase.

Your feedback is important and we've decided that we would do everything we can to obtain it. On the one hand, we've created an online discussion forum. So you can use the internet to speak to us. We're also using services of Twitter to post questions about the reforms.

Jane Aubin, CIHR's Chief Scientific Officer and VP Research, and myself will be travelling the country to meet you directly in open forums, discuss the reforms and get your feedback on them.

Finally, we will be releasing a number of videos in which we will share, like I'm trying to do today, what we're trying to achieve and why we are proceeding this way.

Your feedback is important to us. We need to hear you. We need to understand what are your worries, if you have any worries, and if you really do like the reforms, we wouldn't mind hearing that as well.

We are working for you. We're doing this to make your life easier. We're doing this so that you can spend more time doing research and less time applying for money to do research. We are also doing this for the Canadian Health Research enterprise.

We believe that we need to be even more competitive and that we need to do a better job at selecting the best and the brightest so that Canada continues to shine in health research in the years to come.

So please do read this document and do send us your feedback.

Thank you very much.

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