5th Meeting of the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network Steering Committee (DSEN SC) – Agenda

Meeting: 5th Meeting of the Drug Safety and Effectiveness Network Steering Committee (DSEN SC)
Date: Friday January 20th, 2012
Time: 8:30 am – 4:00 pm
Location: CIHR Offices, 160 Elgin Street, 9th Floor, Ottawa, Ontario - Room 9-101
Dial-in: 613-960-7513 (direct number); 1-877-413-4788 (toll free)
Passcode: 30-80-864#

  • Graham, Ian (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Berthelot, Jean-Marie (Canadian Institute for Health Information)
  • Glover, Paul (Health Canada)
  • Gray, Jean (Dalhousie University)
  • Hoffman, Abby (Health Canada)
  • Laupacis, Andreas (University of Toronto)
  • McArthur, Diane (Ontario Public Drug Programs)
  • Nakagawa, Bob (British Columbia Ministry of Health)
  • O'Rourke, Brian (Canadian Agency for Drugs and Technologies in Health)
  • Peterson, Robert (Ex-officio, Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Robitaille, Lucie (Institut National d'Excellence en Santé et en Services Sociaux (INESS) du Québec)
  • Turner, Chris (Health Canada)
  • Wells, Diane (Nurse and Health IT Consultant, Saskatchewan)
  • Wilhelm, Linda (Patient Advocate)
Invited Experts:
  • Henry, David (Canadian Network for Observational Drug Effect Studies, Institute for Clinical Evaluative Studies)
  • Moody-Corbett, Penny (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Noralou, Roos, (Manitoba Centre for Health Policy)
  • Brochu, Christian (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Forbes, Diane (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Delage, Johanne (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Yasari, Siham (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)
  • Dwyer, Michael (Canadian Institutes of Health Research)

Time Description Information / Discussion/ Decision Lead
8:30 Continental breakfast    
9:00 1. Call to Order
  • Welcome
  • COI declaration
  • Approval of Nov 30th 2011 meeting minutes
  • Approval of the Agenda
  • Review of the DSEN SC Terms of Reference
Discussion & Decision Ian Graham All All All
9:10 2. Business arising from minutes
  • Action item (circulation of Oct.28th report)
  • CIHR COI for Advisory Committees
Information & Discussion Robert Peterson Siham Yasari All
9:30 3. Prioritization Process
  • MCDA outcome by the Prioritization Working group
  • Presentation of new Queries
  • Update the Prioritized Research Agenda
Discussion & Decision Robert Peterson All All
11:00 Health Break    
11:15 4. Briefing on CNODES activities Information & Discussion David Henry
12:15 Lunch (provided)    
13:15 5. Performance measurement of DSEN Program
  • Reporting to DSEN SC for Advisory Functions
  • Engagement of DSEN SC in DSEN Program Evaluation
  • Measuring Impact
Information & Discussion Diane Forbes
14:00 6. Briefing on interface and common interests of DSEN and Canada's Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR) Information & Discussion Penny Moody-Corbett
14:50 Health Break    
15:05 7. Direction on use of existing CIHR tools (Priority announcements, catalyst grants, and others) for funding research within the scope of DSEN
  • Supporting studentship and fellowship funds
  • Investigator initiated research in areas with large gaps
  • Partnership on exceptionally expensive research
Information & Discussion Christian Brochu
15:35 8. Open discussion Discussion All
15:50 9. Next Steps
  • Call for Agenda Items
  • Next DSEN SC Meeting
Discussion All
16:00 Meeting Adjournment    
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