Moving Forward – CIHR Performance Across the Spectrum: From Research Investments to Knowledge Translation

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Knowledge Creation

Collaboration Increases the Value of Knowledge Creation

Impact of Collaborations with Canada 1985-2008

* Average Relative Impact Factor (ARIF) is an indicator of the quality of journals in which results are published.

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Research – An International Pursuit

Foreign Collaborations: Percentage of Papers from Each Country with Co-authors from Another Country

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Canada – Among the World's Best

ARIF = Average Relative Impact Factor

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Research Investment

Four Key Themes for Improved Health

CIHR – Reach and Impact Across Canada

Regional Institutions with CIHR-funded Health Researchers

CIHR Expenditures by Region (in millions of dollars) 1999-2000 / 2010-11

1999-2000 2010-2011
British Columbia $25 $125
Prairie Provinces
$48 $98
Ontario $114 $350
Quebec $88 $241
Atlantic Provinces
$9 $29

Excludes Direct Payments. Excludes Operating Expenditures and Partner Contributions. Source: CIHR funding database.

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Balanced Research Investment on Behalf of Canada

Funding by Program Type 1999-2000 / 2010-11
Including CRC, CECR, and NCE (in millions of dollars)

* Other includes: Open Competitions, Ethics, and Knowledge Synthesis and Exchange.

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Steady Increase in Funds Invested

Average Grant Amount 1999-2000 / 2009-10
Open Operating Grant Program (in thousands)

* Average amounts based on the average funding for the first fiscal year of grants awarded (at the time the results are adjudicated by Research and Knowledge Translation Committee / Scientific Council).

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Increasing Size, Scope and Complexity of Funded Research

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Global Health – Many Partners, Many Investments

Canadian HIV Vaccine Initiative

Global Alliance for Chronic Disease

Global Health Research Initiative

Grand Challenges in Global Health Initiative

International Research Initiative on Adaptation to Climate Change

Canada-HOPE Scholarship Program

Investment Priority – Global Health Research Initiative

Investment Priority – Drug Safety and Effectiveness

Investment Priority – Combatting the Rising Tide of Dementia

Partnership and Collaboration

CIHR – A Partner to Many, Helped by Many

279 - Number of partners in 2010-11

Initial Investment Has Leverage

Cumulative Total Funds Directly Leveraged by CIHR Investments Since 2005-06 (in millions of dollars)

* The "other government department (OGD) partner contributions" are contributions from federal government departments/agencies and are included in CIHR's expenditure budget. The OGD contributions are transferred to CIHR's appropriation through Annual Reference Level Update (ARLU) and the Supplementary Estimates processes.

Partner Contributions on flow-through fund programs (Networks of Centres of Excellence, Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research) are not leveraged funds.

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Canada-China Partnership Agreements Have Produced Results

International Investments Going Up

Research Talent

Over 14,000 Important Stories to Tell

An International Track Record of Success

2005 Lasker Award for Basic Medical Research

2008 Kyoto Prize in Basic Sciences

Gairdner International and Wightman Award Recipients

Addressing the Unique Needs of Postdocs

Knowledge Translation

Open Access Facilitates Knowledge Translation

Systematic Review – A Key Tool for Knowledge Translation

Knowledge Users Want the Best Brains

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October 2010, Regina

February 2011, Ottawa

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March 2011, Halifax

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