Terms of Reference – National Steering Committee for the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research

Chair(s) and Membership

The National Steering Committee for the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research will consist of two Co-Chairs, plus representation reflecting the breadth of experience and expertise required to effectively address the Strategy's mandate. Members will include leaders from health research funders, universities, health care organizations, clinical research, health charities, industry, federal and provincial/territorial governments and citizens.

The Steering Committee will serve as the oversight body for the Strategy.


Canadian Institutes of Health Research.


The Steering Committee will meet approximately 4 times per year.


Members are appointed to serve an initial term of 3 years.


A majority of members (50% plus 1).


The Steering Committee will oversee the development and implementation of an action plan for the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research whose vision is to improve health outcomes for Canadians.

The Steering Committee will focus their attention on patient-oriented research activities which:

  • strengthen Canada's international competitiveness in patient-oriented research by building upon clusters of excellence across Canada and internationally;
  • improve the alignment of clinical research programs in areas of existing excellence and/or greatest need; address key gaps in Canada's research infrastructure and human resources (research capacity) in patient-oriented research;
  • address barriers to conducting cost-effective clinical research, including streamlining multi-site ethics review; development and uptake of common contracts between research institutions and industry sponsors;
  • and facilitating access to clinical research data;
  • identify ways to better ensure integration between translational, clinical and health services research and collaboration between industry and academic researchers and institutions; promote mechanisms to ensure patient-oriented research across Canada is conducted according to relevant ethical standards;
  • and, promote the identification and implementation of best practices in health care, including knowledge synthesis, guideline development and dissemination and implementation.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • promoting the Strategy and brokering alignment among key stakeholders;
  • monitoring and reporting on progress against plans; identifying priorities for investment;
  • identifying and pursuing strategies to secure adequate funding;
  • providing input into evaluation of the Strategy.


Secretariat support will be provided by CIHR. The CIHR Scientific and Administrative Champions will sit on the Steering Committee as ex officio, non-voting members. Steering Committee members will be reimbursed for travel and accommodation expenses related to Committee attendance in accordance with Government of Canada and CIHR travel policies.


Bourinot's Rules of Order, 4th Edition


Terms of Reference will be reviewed on an annual basis.


August 9, 2011

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