Centres for Population Health and Health Services Research Development in HIV/AIDS

In 2007, the CIHR Institute of Infection and Immunity's HIV/AIDS Research Initiative, in partnership with CIHR Institute of Aboriginal Peoples' Health, launched a new funding program to support Centres for Population Health and Health Services Research Development in HIV/AIDS. The purpose of this funding opportunity was to enable the development of an integrated network of centres in Canada specializing in HIV/AIDS health services and policy research and research on the social, cultural and environmental determinants affecting the HIV/AIDS epidemic. The Centres are expected to mobilize research talent and increase the productivity and impact of research in these areas by providing core infrastructure funding for multidisciplinary teams of researchers and their stakeholders.

Program objectives

  • Develop a network of collaborative Centres for Population Health and Health Services Research Development in HIV/AIDS in order to foster the national coordination of research efforts
  • Position Centres to develop strategic research programs, aligned with current and emerging priorities, and to succeed in securing research funding through other opportunities
  • Foster meaningful and collaborative relationships between researchers and with research users such as community-based organizations, people living with HIV/AIDS, policy makers, private sector (e.g., workplace), public and voluntary sector program administrators and/or clinical and public health practitioners
  • Build capacity in HIV/AIDS research by actively engaging trainees, existing HIV/AIDS investigators and researchers from complementary disciplines in the programs of the Centres
  • Foster and support the translation of knowledge in various target populations in order to increase the impact of research on policy and practice with relevant stakeholders
  • Address Aboriginal population-specific HIV/AIDS research and knowledge translation needs.

Centres for research development in HIV/AIDS

CIHR Social Research Centre in HIV Prevention

Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Liviana Calzavara
Institution: University of Toronto


A Canadian network of social researchers, community, public health practitioners, and policy makers committed to advancing HIV prevention efforts through novel approaches to social science research, capacity building and knowledge transfer and exchange


To reduce HIV transmission amongst people who are vulnerable and/or marginalized and improve the quality of life of those living with HIV by addressing the root causes of vulnerability, and acting on the social determinants of health


  • Enable a group of researchers, front line workers and policy officials from different regions, institutions, and diverse disciplines to collaborate on HIV prevention
  • Develop multi-site, theoretically and methodologically novel approaches to HIV prevention and intervention research
  • Support promising trainees/students
  • Attract new researchers to the field
  • Facilitate innovative yet accessible e-solutions to support collaborations that advance HIV prevention knowledge and action


Nominated Principal Investigator: Dr. Sean Rourke
Institution: St. Michaels Hospital (Toronto)


Undertake interdisciplinary research to understand the factors driving the epidemic, find innovative solutions, and move research evidence into action.


Strengthen policy, programs and practices, and make a measurable difference in the health of individuals and communities disproportionately affected by HIV/AIDS.


  • Build and support a national centre for interdisciplinary HIV/AIDS research
  • Foster meaningful and collaborative relationships and networks
  • Establish a national training network
  • Support strategic research programs to broaden their impact on priority populations throughout Canada
  • Foster translation and exchange of research evidence
  • Address research and KTE needs for Aboriginal populations
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