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Knowledge to Action: CIHR-Supported Health Research at Work for Canada and Canadians


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President's Message

It has been a very significant year for CIHR. In 2009–10, following extensive consultations, we launched Health Research Roadmap: Creating innovative research for better health and health care, a five-year Strategic Plan for CIHR.

Planning for Roadmap challenged us to consider areas of importance and strength in the Canadian health research enterprise and to ensure that CIHR delivers on its broad mandate.

Roadmap addresses our core strengths and values – such as commitment to research excellence, commitment to knowledge translation, commitment to ethically sound research – and lays out ways that we can increase our performance relative to each of these strengths and our value as a strategic partner in health research.

Through Roadmap, CIHR has set new challenges and will continue to innovate. The organization is currently finalizing an implementation plan for Roadmap to ensure that each of the plan's objectives is met and that progress towards them is tracked.

From an organizational perspective, the launch of the new Strategic Plan stands out as the major deliverable of the previous fiscal year. However, it is also worth noting several other accomplishments, each of which is described in further detail in the 2009–10 Annual Report.

As an example, CIHR has developed a comprehensive new strategy to address the need for greater patient-oriented research in Canada. CIHR also responded to both the H1N1 outbreak and the isotopes shortage, fast-tracking the launch of investment into targeted research on both of these important topics. In one case, a team of researchers from the University of Sherbrooke has already reported progress in finding alternative means of producing Technetium-99m. Globally, CIHR joined with five other national health research councils to form the Global Alliance for Chronic Diseases initiative to collaborate in the critical battle against chronic, non-communicable diseases.

In addition, CIHR-supported researchers can also be proud of a number of major research accomplishments, a selection of which are also listed in this report.

Finally, to recognize the value of health research and to continue sending the message that health research delivers impact, we have also chosen to use the Annual Report to provide an update on four research projects that help illustrate the transformation of knowledge into action.

One of the unique characteristics of the research enterprise is that it can often take years before impact is felt. With this Annual Report, we wanted to balance the picture of planned and current activities with a picture of what health research can achieve through knowledge translation.

Moving forward, CIHR is an organization with a clear new Strategic Plan and a commitment to putting knowledge into action.

Alain Beaudet, MD, PhD
President, Canadian Institutes of Health Research

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