Appendix I: Roundtable Agenda

Roundtable on Clinical Interventions for Cardiovascular Disease: Enhancing Effectiveness

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  Thursday, March 25, 2010 Friday, March 26, 2010
0800 Breakfast Breakfast

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Dr. Joy Johnson, Scientific Director, Institute of Gender and Health

Part I: The Context

  • Welcome!
  • People and Process:
    Dorothy Strachan, Facilitator

Agenda: Review, Preview

Feedback summary

Part III cont'd

Small group work:

  • Review of draft report on Part III

Plenary discussions:

  • Refining topics

Part I cont'd

  • Experts in Action: Survey Results
  • Complexities
  • Clinical readiness

Part II: Criteria and Priorities

  • Criteria for Priority Setting
  • Research Transfer Readiness
  • Identification of priority research topics

Part IV: Knowledge Translation

Plenary discussion:
Requirements for enhancing KT

Closing Remarks

Feedback on the Roundtable

12:00 Buffet Lunch

Part III: Research Topics and Funding Opportunities

Small group work:

  • Topic description
  • Related challenges, gaps, opportunities

Part III cont'd

  • Potential research questions
  • Supportive funding opportunities
  • Knowledge Translation and Exchange


  • Presentations and discussions: refining small group work
16:50 Feedback on the Day  
17:00 Closing  
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