Midterm Evaluation of the Pandemic Preparedness Strategic Research Initiative

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Carol Richardson
Institute of Infection and Immunity
Suite 214, SDRI, University of Western Ontario
1400 Western Road,
London ON N6G 2V4

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Natalie Kishchuk Research and Evaluation Inc.
26 Oriole Drive
Kirkland (Québec) H9H 3X3
(514) 694-8995

Celine Pinsent
Goss Gilroy Inc.
150 Metcalfe St., Suite 900
Ottawa (Ontario) K2P 1P1
(613) 230-5577

Version 4: May 11, 2009

Table of Contents

Executive Summary

1. Evaluation context
1.1 Evaluation purpose
1.2 Program profile
1.2.1 Overview of the PPSRI
1.2.2 Program logic model and expected outputs and outcomes

2. Evaluation strategy and information sources
2.1 Evaluation issues and questions
2.2 Information sources
2.3 Analyses

3. Findings
3.1 Effectiveness of priority setting
3.2 Effectiveness of partnership development
3.3 Appropriateness of program design
3.4 Achievement of desired funding opportunity outputs
3.5 Success of PPSRI networking and KT activities

4. Conclusions
4.1 How effective was the PPSRI's priority setting?
4.2 How effectively has the PPSRI built national and international partnerships?
4.3 How appropriate was the PPSRI's design?
4.4 Have the desired funding opportunity outputs been produced?
4.5 How successful are the PPSRI's networking and KT activities?
4.6 Overall conclusion


Appendix 1: Members and mandate of the PPSRI Midterm Evaluation Steering Committee
Appendix 2: Evaluation questions, indicators and data sources
Appendix 3: List of documents reviewed
Appendix 4: Instruments
Appendix 5: Research priorities suggested by researchers – verbatim responses

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