Annual Report 2008-2009

Research with Impact


Message from the President



Overview and Highlights 2008–09

Providing Stewardship and Accountability

Financial Statement Discussion and Analysis

Auditor's Report and Financial Statements

2008–09 Expenditures by Research Area

(in millions of dollars)

Operational Requirements 6%
Administration and Program Delivery 58.9
Grants and Awards Programs 94%
Open Competitions 541.2
Strategic Initiatives 243.5
Canada Research Chairs 87.7
Networks of Centres of Excellence 27.8
Institute Support Grants 13.0
Knowledge Translation 9.6
Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research 4.4

Total 986.1 100%

Note: Figures do not include refunds of previous years' grants and awards.

Breakdown by Strategic Outcome

(in millions of dollars)

Advances in Health Knowledge 635.3 65%
People and Research Capacity 277.0 28%
Knowledge Translation and Commercialization 70.9 7%

Total 983.2 100%
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