Students and Trainees

IPPH is committed to supporting a new generation of population and public health researchers who are dedicated to research and its application. This section includes various resources designed to help you throughout your career path.

If you have any comments or other useful links that would help us better respond to your needs, please contact us.

Funding Opportunities

  • Travel Awards – Have you been accepted to present at a conference? You might be eligible for a CIHR travel award, offered multiple times a year. Visit ResearchNet for details.
  • Skills Update Awards – Apply now to visit Research Centres or Institutes that could enable you to acquire specialized skills or research/knowledge translation experience relevant to IPPH strategic research priorities. Visit the IPPH website for details.
  • Mentorship Opportunities – Apply now to to establish relationships that foster interdisciplinary and intersectoral exchanges (i.e. within and outside of public health), including relationship building between academic and policy settings. Visit the IPPH website for details.
  • CIHR Grants and Awards Funding Database – search for and view CIHR-funded researchers that might have the means to hire students

Tips for Writing Grant Applications

Dr. Patricia O'Campo, Director of the Centre for Research on Inner City Health at St. Michael's Hospital and a Professor at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health Sciences, developed helpful points to consider for writing a grant application. CIHR has also developed a resource called "The Art of Writing a CIHR Application". It is intended to assist applicants in writing a successful CIHR application, from the planning stages through writing and finalization.

Useful Links

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