Current Research Ambassadors

Current members

Legacy members

  • Anna Pileggi, AboutFace
  • Erna Snelgrove-Clarke, Chair
  • Flora Dell, Chair
  • Barbara Grimster, Lupus Canada
  • Blair Boudreau, Seniors Oral Health, NS
  • Diane Ladouceur, Active Living Alliance for Canadians with a Disability
  • Ina Ilse, Osteoporosis Canada
  • Leanne Hall, UBC Skin Care Centre
  • Linda Li, Canadian Physiotherapy Association
  • Maria Judd, Canadian Health Services Research Foundation
  • Mary Brachaniec, Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance
  • Nadia Prestley, Arthritis Research Centre of Canada
  • Natalia da Costa, Consumer
  • Nicola Birchall, Canadian Paraplegic Association, Alberta Division
  • Otto Kamensek, Arthritis Research Centre, BC
  • Phil Hughes, Seniors Oral Health, NS
  • Priscilla Cole, Osteoporosis Canada
  • Regina Willmann, Public/Canadian Chiropractic Association
  • Rosanne M. Kyle, Consumer
  • Shirley Hundvik, Canadian Osteoporosis Patient Network
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