Knowledge Translation casebooks

IHSPR’s first knowledge translation (KT) casebook - Evidence in Action, Acting on Evidence: A casebook of health services and policy research knowledge translation stories - highlights original submissions from across Canada that focus on lessons learned from both successful, and less than successful, KT activities. Designed as a means for researchers and decision makers to share and recognize their experiences, the casebook also demonstrates the impact that such research can have in shaping policy, program and practice changes.

The casebook was initiated with an IHSPR call for brief descriptions of KT stories or cases in early 2005. Individuals, teams and organizations working in health care services and policy were invited to contribute. Cases for full submission were selected through a review of submitted abstracts, with the case authors then working with IHSPR to develop and refine their submissions for final publication.

The casebook represents a broad cross-section of experiences - from the preliminary development of partnerships for future KT in Aboriginal communities, to the use of established KT networks to rapidly respond to a community in crisis. Widely-acclaimed KT models, like SEARCH Canada and Manitoba’s The Need to Know Team are showcased, but the casebook also highlights efforts to develop new kinds of partnerships: between researchers and community-based organizations, between researchers and advocacy groups, and between multiple partners and dedicated KT brokers and champions.

IPPH, in partnership with the Canadian Population Health Initiative, has concurrently produced a KT casebook focusing on population and public health research - Moving population and public health knowledge into action: A casebook of knowledge translation stories.

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