IPPH Partnerships

Since its inception, IPPH has been working closely with key partners to support, promote and advance population and public health in Canada and abroad. IPPH is committed to developing and nurturing an interdisciplinary, population and public health network that has strong international links and is in keeping with its mission to improve the health of populations and promote health equity in Canada and globally through research and its application to policies, programs, and practice in public health and other sectors.

IPPH’s key partnership activities include:

Addressing Health Equity through Programmatic Research

In 2011, the IPPH and partners supported 11 programmatic operating grants ($400K per grant per year for 5 years totaling $21M) that addressed two of its strategic research priorities – pathways to health equity and population health intervention research. The specific objectives of this funding opportunity were to:

  • support programmatic research that contributes new knowledge to improve health and health equity at a population level;
  • support interdisciplinary collaborations that involve researchers and knowledge-users in public health and other sectors in Canada and if appropriate, also with other countries; and,
  • facilitate effective knowledge translation approaches that enhance the integration and use of new and existing knowledge to inform decision-making in public health and other sectors.

IPPH’s partners include:

National Partnership to Advance Population and Public Health Research and Knowledge Exchange

In April 2005, IPPH and its key partners, the Canadian Public Health Association (CPHA), the Canadian Population Health Initiative (CPHI), and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) signed a landmark cooperative agreement to enable all partners to create synergies and leverage their efforts to advance population and public health. Together these organizations aim to promote, advance and support population and public health research, infrastructure development, capacity building and knowledge exchange to improve the health of individuals, communities and global populations. This partnership signals a collective dedication to respond effectively within Canada's rapidly shifting population and public health landscape.

Some of the key initiatives undertaken through this partnership:

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