IHDCYH Scientific Director: Dr. Shoo K. Lee

December 2013

I am pleased to introduce IHDCYH’s new Strategic Plan “Healthy Foundations of Life 2013-2017”. Throughout 2012, we conducted a nationwide consultation to gain insight into the needs and interests of Canada’s reproductive, child and youth health research community, including researchers, clinicians, healthcare policy and decision makers, and family representatives. In doing so, we took a multi-pronged approach that included a roadtrip to 13 cities across Canada, an environmental scan of key documents, a web survey, focus groups and key informant interviews, to reach out to our community as widely as possible. Building on the feedback and input we received, at a Strategic Planning retreat involving our Advisory Board members and key external informants, we developed this plan to guide the Institute for the next five years as we move forward with a new vision:

To achieve this vision three research investment themes have been identified, all geared towards leading to better life trajectories and better health outcomes for children, youth and families. Over the next 5 years IHDCYH will focus on Healthy Developmental Trajectories and the focus on physical, environmental and social exposures before and after birth, and throughout the lifespan; Healthy Reproduction, Pregnancy, Childhood and Youth to ensure the best start to life for all Canadians; and Integrating Healthy Public Policy and Systems Integration to ensure the most efficient and effective care and services for children, youth and families.

These themes each have focused priorities and will be addressed through CIHR’s Signature Initiatives, including the Strategy for Patient-Oriented Research (SPOR), as well as other initiatives and international partnerships. All of these tools will encourage collaboration between all four pillars of research and will better unify and develop our community as we work together to achieve the same objective: ensuring the best outcomes for children, youth and families in Canada and worldwide.

The next five years will mark significant change and progress for reproductive, child and youth health research in Canada. With new research priorities, exciting initiatives and more partnerships and collaboration with CIHR Institutes and traditional and non-traditional partners, we aim to strategically focus our efforts to build capacity in key research areas, enhance our research impact and achieve tangible results. I invite you to visit our Strategic Plan webpage to read the full publication and join our mailing list to ensure you receive news about the funding opportunities that will be launched on the ResearchNet database.

I would like to thank those in the IHDCYH community who participated in the Strategic Planning process and to our Institute Advisory Board members and the IHDCYH staff for their continued support and guidance.

I look forward to these exciting times ahead and working with you along the way.

Best wishes,

Shoo K Lee
Scientific Director
CIHR-Institute of Human Development, Child and Youth Health

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